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Kristian Baumann


Modern Cuisine, Nordic

Foodle Reviews

on 19 Jun 2020

@108cph has kicked off the summer with a lovely menu, which - to me - really is the essence of what @kristianbaumann and his team are doing. All sorts of fresh, juicy, creamy and crunchy textures are presenting the highly complex yet easy to enjoy cuisine that 108 stands for.
This picture shows the first serving, a tray full of the best produce in season. Too many things for me to describe here, but they're all amazing! The menu costs DKK 399, which is a true bargain
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on 26 Aug 2019

Smoked barley ice cream served with a sirup based on kelp, freshly pressed hazelnut oil and flakes of blackberry. A beautiful dessert with an intense fruitiness and depth from the smoked barley. Another great dish fra @kristianbaumann and the @108cph team!
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on 26 Oct 2018

I've had cravings for the lovely pastry @108cph @thecorner_108 for a long time and yesterday I went to have this coffee kombucha roll. It was still super good but I missed some of the caramelization and buttery flavours from previous visits. Still recommendable though. The same counts for the cappuccino - well-integrated foam, lots of coffee taste and a generous serving!
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7 / 10
on 09 Jun 2018

The now closed 108 - the Kristian Baumann headed restaurant in the NOMA family. Kristian Baumann comes from the NOMA kitchen and family, and the new Nordic kitchen with fresh ingredients was very present at 108. This afternoon was an offer we bought. And we have done that, and do not do that again, that is never a good experience. That should not be hold against 108.
The food had a 100% control of the technic needed to make Michelin level food, and the taste was very balanced and interesting. The... More

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Strandgade 108, 1401 København, Denmark


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+45 32 96 32 92