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H3 Fiskerestaurant Copenhagen


Average rating from 1 meal 8 / 10
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Foodle Reviews

8 / 10
on 02 Jul 2020

H3 is a fairly new restaurant that is created by an old fish shop, which is an institution in the part of Copenhagen called Amager.
A quite small place, maybe seating around max 20-25 people inside and 10-15 people outside.
Cozy and warm – with candles, water in winebottles and sheepskin on the chairs. Its welcoming and the waiters/owners are open and welcoming.
I love to eat a seashell dinner – once a year (Then I am quite full of the taste for almost a full year) The same this evening. We... More

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Holmbladsgade 3, 2300 København, Denmark


Open hours


+45 26 78 06 10