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Argentinian Steakhouse

Foodle Reviews

on 18 Mar 2023

The best grill @donjulioparrilla

- Tomato from the garden -
- Pork sausage with red pepper -
- The freshest sweetbread -
- Black tomato tartare -
- Beef ancho -
- Yellow tomato salad -
- Entrana beef -
- Milk ice cream & sweet tomato -

Great Argentinian experience learning about the best beef by @pablojesusrivero 🙏🥰


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on 06 Dec 2021

I have followed the trail of the Arfentine cattle from the fat grasslands of picturesque and pure Paragonia through the buzzing livestock market Mercado de Liniers to the butchery and then the restaurant. This is the last step, ending up after grilling on charcoal on my plate!
In order of appearance:
Chorizo (cured meat)
Goat kid chitterlings
Skirt steak
Prime rib steak (check my last video!)
- accompanied by fresh heirloom tomatoes
Home made ice creams
Semifreddo of almonds
Caramelized... More

on 28 Nov 2021

Plunging into the wonderful world of visionary chef and culinary entrepreneur Pablo Rivero of the legendary Don Julio parilla in trendy and eclectic Palermo district of Buenos Aires. According to his humble statement he is ‘in the meat business’, but it’s about so much more, it’s about family, community, traditions, regeneration and - last but not least - meat! Stay tuned for more!


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8 / 10
on 19 Feb 2019

WB50 steakhouse in Buenos Aires. A menu like an asador in Spain. Excellent beef quality and unlike many other places in Argentina, the execution of the beef is perfectly done.

Recommended in Buenos Aires


Guatemala 4699, 1425 CABA, Argentina


Open hours


+54 11 4832-6058