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Nobelhart & Schmutzig Berlin

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on 17 Nov 2018

Chef patron: Billy Wagner

Nobelhart und Schmutzig is an unconventional Berlin restaurant owned by sommelier Billy Wagner and his business partner Micha Schafer. The restaurant philosophy based on a mix of regional products only and an exciting fine dining concept.
The guests are seated at a long counter around the open kitchen watching the chefs and the crew durning preparation and service. Each course and each ingredient is explained when serving the dishes. The wines are carefully selected by Billy Wagner who keeps an eye on every guests and exactly knows when and what type of wine to offer. He clearly runs the show.
The ambiance is relaxed and laid back, no usage of cellphones are allowed inside so you can really sit back, focus on the exceptional dining experience.
The menu:
Oat Infusion
White radish
Smoked Eel with red cabbage
Pike with onions
Kale with horse radish
Celeriac with black currant
Venison with mugwort
Potato with apple
Milk with walnut
Hazelnut with juniper

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Friedrichstraße 218, 10969 Berlin, Germany


Open hours


+49 30 25940610