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Oonishi (味の札幌 大西) Aomori


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Sapporo Miso

Foodle Reviews

4 / 10
on 03 Apr 2019

Recommended bowl: Milk Curry Miso

Master Oonishi-san trained at Aji-no-Sapporo in Hokkaido, before coming back to Aomori and opening his own shop here. The noodles are from local supplier Ishuzuka Seimenjo. One of the endemic styles of ramen in Aomori is "milk and curry ramen," and there is even an association of milk and curry ramen shops in Aomori. Oonishi is one of the most famous shops to serve this style, with a mildly creamy soup containing pork, chicken, vegetables (onion and carrots), kelp... More

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Japan, 〒030-0862 Aomori, Furukawa, 1-chōme−15−6 大西クリエイトビル 1F


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+81 17-723-1036