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on 07 Jan 2024

Part two @konstantinfilippou

Scallop, black truffle, Mountain cheese
Langoustine, kalamansi, cochayuyo
Pineapple, saffron, almond
Coconut, white chocolate, cherry, rose
Chocolate ganache, pumpkin seeds
Chocolate tartlet, ginger, lemongrass
Jerusalem artichoke ice cream, chocolate chip

#konstantinfilippou #vienna #twostars #deuxetoiles #michelinguide

on 04 Jan 2024

Part one of an excellent meal at @konstantinfilippou worthy of ***

Mackerel. Beetroot. Garum. Nori.
Trout. Turnip. Verjus. Apple. Shallot vinaigrette.
Red prawn. Soy (5 y.). Kalamata olive.
„Sea salad“. Sardine. Bouchot. Cornichons.
Caviar. Genmai rice. Yolk. Fig leaf oil.
Eel. Duck liver. Balfegó. Apricot vinegar.
Pike perch. Txogitxu. Tarragon. squash.

#konstantinfilippou #vienna #twostars #deuxetoiles #michelinguide

on 25 Jul 2023

Experience @konstantinfilippou

- Sea salad, sardine, bouchot, cornichons -
- Caviar, genmai rice, yolk, fig leaf oil -
- Eel, duck liver, bonito, apricot vinegar -
- Scallop, mountain cheese, truffle, radish -
- Salmon, fermented pepper, txogitxu, tarragon -
- Langoustine, cabbage, grapefruit, cochayuyo -
- Pineapple, saffron, almond -
- Rose, coconut, strawberry -


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10 / 10
on 18 Feb 2020

Konstantin Filipou is truly worth all the stars and hoods. The incredible 7-course business lunch, with all the amuse, greetings and pre-desserts, is in no way inferior to dinner - except for the extremely pleasing price. In the meantime, there are also traditional wines from the wine cellar for the less oranges, and also at fair prices. Service at its best! Soon and often again!

8 / 10
on 18 Dec 2019

Fantastic lunch. Unfortunately I had to leave earlier, so I only got to eat part of it.

Konstantin Filippou refined his cuisine over the years and reached now a very high level. All dishes have an interesting combination of flavours, the plating is artisanal, the ingredients well sourced and the execution perfect.

It is fair to say that he belongs to one of the most interesting restaurants in Austria

8 / 10
on 02 Jul 2019

Great meal at KF. Since my last visit three years ago it really upped its game. The reward came in the form of the second star from the Guide Michelin.

Most of the dishes were perfectly calibrated and executed. It is a pity that a freshwater fish just don’t have taste, flavour and texture of a sea fish. On the other hand it is commendable that KF sources and uses local fishes for his dishes.

There were two outstanding dishes, The freshwater eel and the langoustine from Croatia. Intensity... More

10 / 10
on 15 Nov 2018

Sensational food, service and sublime Austrian wine parring, cheese care and selection in the new dining room, might very soon catapult this place to another level...just desserts seemed a bit out of concept and still stunning experience

Recommended in Vienna


Dominikanerbastei 17, 1010 Wien, Austria


Open hours


+43 (1) 512 2229