Dinner at Konstantin Filippou

Dinner at Konstantin Filippou

at Konstantin Filippou on 15 November 2018
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Sensational food, service and sublime Austrian wine parring, cheese care and selection in the new dining room, might very soon catapult this place to another level...just desserts seemed a bit out of concept and still stunning experience

10 / 10

The table

Bonita and kohlrabi with potato crumble

Tartlet with egg yolk, truffle and beurre blanc

Sardine and yellow radish on paprika/peanut cream

The bread with onion butter

Mussels tartare and uni with celery and rye crumble

Red prawns in duck broth and flan with batter pearls

Perch bacalao in own foam and sturgeon caviar

Salmon in dill sauce and own roe

Zander fillet with fermented mushroom, marrow, hazelnut and truffle

Eel with pigs belly crumble and broth with foie gras foam

Stunning Chardonnay

Langoustine in veal tongue ragout

The lighthouse

The cheese

Camouflaged cheese

Warm baguettes

Blackberry jam with crumble

The kitchen

No cider, just apple beer

Chocolate crisp with horseradish ice cream

Part II

Estragon and apricot

Leafy aftermath