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Ryogo Tahara


Asian Contemporary, Modern European

Foodle Reviews

on 16 May 2024

Despite the limited space, @ryogotahara_logy and his team turn out startlingly creative dishes with a maximalist bent at @logy.tw. Here’s an example: sliced red tuna and chives rolled in a thin layer of medium-fatty tuna sit atop a bed of umi budo in a golden pool of saffron-grapefruit dashi. The composition is veiled in a transparent jelly of (memory fails a bit here but perhaps) hibiscus sprinkled with shiso flowers. What makes this dish shine is the clever pairing, a rare... More

on 27 Apr 2024

A superb first meal in Taipei last week at 2* @logy.tw by @ryogotahara_logy! Originally from Hokkaido, the chef had trained in Italy and worked at @restaurant_florilege as sous chef before launching Logy in 2018. The restaurant uses seasonal local ingredients to celebrate the diversity of Asia while staying true to its Japanese identity. It was my first time trying Logy and I was very impressed with its complex and well-constructed dishes - highlights included the... More

on 28 Oct 2022

Drinking happy thoughts with @gi2lui @growing_boy 🫶🫶
Bruno Paillard NPU 1996. Disgorged in Jan 2009.
Sine Qua Non Tectumque 2017.

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on 28 Oct 2022

Double dessert. Double happiness. 🫶🫶 @gi2lui
White wine marinated peaches, sour cherry and red shiso granita, ice cream made with fromage blanc and peach soaking liquid, finally some shiso flowers. So happy I got to have 2! And “ Mont Blancs” too🥰🥰

#sugarmakestheworldgoround #dessertlover

on 28 Oct 2022

While harnessing the energy of autumn, my absolute favorite season, I realize I only post quarterly now😆 So here’s looking back on this past scorching summer.
Immersed in the lush flora at @logy.tw summer, and in the care of bright @tiffany.chiang_ 🫶

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8 / 10
on 13 Jul 2022

First time trying this Taipei outpost of Florilege of Tokyo fame, which uses many, many local Taiwanese ingredients and flavors. Delicious. Will be back.

Full account of dinner is here:

on 25 May 2022

The day when I surprised everyone but @lu__kevin at @logy.tw by having 3 beverage pairings. But seriously, why choose when available options are all stunningly attractive?
5 non alcoholic, 5 and 7 wine covering 11 labels. The grand paring totally shifted this dining experience to a whole new level! Incredibly fun and interesting, educational too.

#今朝有酒今朝醉 #alwaysdrinking #wine #winelover #winetime #winelife... More

on 25 May 2022

It was a fabulous winter at Logy❤️✨
Tofu mitarashi dango filled with walnut and topped with caviar and sea salt. Buddha’s hand, squid, clarified coconut milk infused with herbs and a dash of galangal oil. Lightly poached oyster with creamy caramelized eggplant, crown daisy and oyster milk. I thanked myself for keeping a sip of junmai ginjo for the iconic chawanmushi. Then there was probably the best creme brulee I’d ever had. Creamy shirako, grassy green pepper confit with a hint of sweet... More

on 19 May 2022

Like the first signs of spring appear beneath the snow in Japan. The current menu at @logy.tw is in beautiful harmony with the season and an absolute delight for the eyes and the palate. Adore the refined seasoning that guarantees a clean aftertaste of premium produce.
It was one of those special evenings, with a marvelous online participant @meatchelin too😆🙌 As if 3 beverage pairings were not enough, we had to get an addition bottle of 亜麻猫 あまねこ. For the... More

on 26 Nov 2021

Autumn at @logy.tw is as beautiful as it gets!!!
Neat parcels of zucchini and coral grouper in heavenly cold tomato and black garlic soup, with a herbal pop from perilla pesto. Stunning lily bulb gnocchi, red shrimp tartare, caviar and oyster butter, a tiny bit of yuzu kosho adds a very palatable finish. And the best tile fish I’ve had in recent months. Smoky baba ghanoush and bright sorrel pair superbly well with rich Gorgonzola sauce and a dash of sesame oil. The incredible seared... More

on 09 Sep 2021

Wine time with wonderful people who value humility and integrity. Thank you for being my fuel tank of positive energy!
@champagne_philipponnat Clos des Goisses 1998 in excellent form. Rich, complex and elegant. The wine’s got it all!
• Earl Roger Belland Criots Batard Montrachet Grand Cru 2009.
@arnaudente Meursault 2018.
• Domaine Jean Grivot Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru 2014.

#wineanddine #wine #winelover #winetasting... More

on 03 Dec 2019

There were only two restaurants in @the_gelinaz this year as it is new in the city, @mume_taiwan & @logy.tw . My friends and I went to Logy to see @ryogotahara San who relocated to Taipei from @restaurant_florilege as the head chef of their Taipei branch. Coincidentally we met @chefvickycheng of @vea_hk who was having dinner there with his wife. It was also Vicky's first year in #gelinaz shuffle!
There are many... More

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106, Taiwan, Taipei City, Da’an District, Lane 109, Section 1, Anhe Road, 6號1F


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+886 2 2700 0509