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on 26 Jun 2024

Native Breed Rib & Green Goddess
Smoked Jollof Rice & Lobster Custard
Lunch at ⭐️⭐️ Ikoyi in it’s newish location on The Strand. It always blew my mind what Jeremy and his small team could put out of the small kitchen in Ikoyi’s former location which I first visited back in 2017. It’s always been stunning and excitingly bold cooking so I wasn’t surprised that in his new, much larger open kitchen, the cooking has gone up another notch. It comes with an extremely punchy price... More

on 25 Jun 2024

Mussel & Saffron Crème Caramel
Gola Pepper Broth
Smoked Sirloin & Ike Jime Trout
Lobster & Peas
Lunch at ⭐️⭐️ Ikoyi in it’s newish location on The Strand. It always blew my mind what Jeremy and his small team could put out of the small kitchen in Ikoyi’s former location which I first visited back in 2017. It’s always been stunning and excitingly bold cooking so I wasn’t surprised that in his new, much larger open kitchen, the cooking has gone up another notch. It... More

on 23 Mar 2024

Part two @ikoyi_london by @jeremychanikoyi

Sorghum Crêpe with dark beer, sweetbread and octopus.
Turbot, pork, egusi miso, brown crab bisque, beets, wild broccoli.
Aged duck, black trumpets.
Baba with pomelo, Meyer lemon and cédrat.
Flower sugar, long pepper.
Chocolate, truffle and benne miso cookie.

#ikoyi #jeremychan #london #twostars #michelinguide

on 22 Mar 2024

Part one of a recent meal at Ikoyi.

Broth of roasted chicken wings and vegetables, Gola pepper oil, peas.
Fermented rice and squid.
Beef tartlet with truffle.
Diver scallop with scallop roe, pumpkin soup, scallop and razor clam emulsion, radicchio, rhubarb.

#ikoyi #london #twostars #michelinguide

on 20 Sep 2023

Back to @ikoyi_london ⭐️⭐️ at its new location with a very exciting menu that combines peak seasonality with beautiful seasoning. The menu is smart and vibrant from beginning to end. Thank you @jeremychanikoyi 🙏🙌

on 15 Jul 2023

8) Native Breed Rib & Green Goddess 🥩
The vast land known as Africa has existed since time immemorial: as the cradle of our earliest hominid ancestors; as a hub for the rise and eventual downfall of ancient civilizations; and as a witness to the shedding of colonial ties toward independent governance. In the modern era, the second largest continent on Earth comprises six regions, including West Africa, which alone spans sixteen countries. This is where we find the story of @ikoyi_london... More

on 07 Feb 2023

There are so many ways to define “elevation”’ of a restaurant. At Ikoyi you will see a beautifully designed interior in a new spacious location (pic 9), a much more advanced kitchen setting (pic 7), more polished service and hospitality (video 10, by the way I really love the candle wax left behind at the table but probably a major pain to the FOH to clean). There is a brand new menu (pic 3), the use of premium ingredients (pic 8), new ceramics and potteries (pic 4, they are really aesthetic,... More

on 06 Feb 2023

Many restaurants and chefs will tell you they get ingredients from the best suppliers or artisan producers and local farms. But that is pretty much like saying you get your maguro from Yamayuki these days, just that there are also another 10 thousand places using their fish and there is certainly a grade difference of the Maguro to different restaurants they send their fish to.

One of the reasons that led to Ikoyi’s new elevation is their continuous efforts to source the most premium quality... More

on 05 Feb 2023

Mignardises :
• Cinnamon Berry Sherbet Jelly (pic 2 left)

• Praline of Walnut, Caramel, Wasabi and Coffee (Pic 2 right)

• Suya Spiced Chocolate Ganache with Candied Buddha's Hand and Citrus (pic 3, in a stunning bowl)

• Steamed Cake of Fig and Vanilla Jam, berry creme diplomat and grated key lime (pic 4)

@ikoyi_london 2.0

I have had many very delicious, elaborate, meticulously done mignardises before, but there were very few times that I felt intellectually intrigued... More

on 05 Feb 2023

Almond Butter & Einkorn @ikoyi_london 2.0

I always like the desserts in Ikoyi because they touch on many dimensions of flavors without using lots of distinct ingredients. This new almond dessert is made with frozen almond butter and fresh pressed oil from very slowly roasted almonds, the process that created a caramelised chocolate taste as Jeremy explained it. The frozen almond butter was glazed with pear juice and rose oil and complemented with the cake made with einkorn (a type of... More

on 04 Feb 2023

(SWIPE FOR MORE PICS) Hibiscus & Fermented Scotch Bonnet
@ikoyi_london 2.0

A pre-dessert meant to cleanse the palate after all the course, and it did, but it achieved more. A hibiscus sorbet sitting on cold tapioca herb soup, topped with buntan (pomelo) from Pyrenees, and fermented scotch bonnet on the side, finished with drizzled of golden olive oil. SO delicious!

I was so impressed by the use of scotch bonnet here. When looking back to the dishes from Ikoyi, there is a path that... More

on 30 Jan 2023

Aged Mutton Rump & Roasted Pinenut
Smoked Lobster Jollof Rice @ikoyi_london 2.0

I think @jeremychanikoyi really has an obsession about perfecting aged meat even since the earlier days of Ikoyi. And because of that he has secured some very best meat in England, he uses just local meat directly sourced from local farmer. That night I had an 8 year old mutton aged for one month, and as soon as I heard mutton I almost wanted to jump 😆 as it was much easier to get aged beef... More

on 29 Jan 2023

Crab Bisque & Egusi Miso @ikoyi_london 2.0

The dish that showed the most difference pre and post pandemic at Ikoyi to me was the turbot. It goes in both the quality of the ingredient as well as the handling and execution.

Fast forward to 2.0, the aged turbot which you can see at the entrance was marinated in their own miso then grilled over charcoal and brushed in crab butter, complemented with pumpkin and pumpkin seed miso, brown crab bisque and crab butter (pic 2).

This pumpkin... More

on 28 Jan 2023

Plantain, Spiced Efo & Roasted Peanut @ikoyi_london 2.0

The iconic plantain dish of Ikoyi has completely diverted itself from the beginning version when Ikoyi first opened. Plantain was steamed and fried, then glazed with ginger and date, with peanut butter brittle on top. The two ways of cooking plus the brittle gives a crusty & crispy (they are different) texture outside and a soft texture inside.

The green emulsion was made with a twice infused oil of dried spices and mixed... More

on 27 Jan 2023

Sweetbread & Coffee @ikoyi_london 2.0

A powerful presentation with caramelized sweetbread stacked with aged duck and shrimp rolled with grilled shrimp head juice on top, all sitting on top of braised onion (pic 2); coffee reduction and shiso and tarragon jelly on the side (pic 3).

That sounds like a crazy and eccentric combination, you have meat poultry and seafood all on one plate. But for me the shrimp is really a supplementary element to the other duck and sweetbread, the shrimp... More

on 27 Jan 2023

Octopus and Peas @ikoyi_london 2.0

Octopus glazed and grilled with a chicken reduction made from chicken wing and bones reminiscent of Japanese “tare” (in approach not flavor), in-season Jerusalem artichoke root grilled with garlic butter. Underneath was a variety of peas and a pea veloute made with green split peas, and some very delicious pork jowls and nuggets of pork fat.

There is a classic Shanghainese dish with braised pork belly and octopus (or cuttlefish) and this dish... More

on 26 Jan 2023

Mussel & Saffron Crème Caramel, N25 Kaluga
@ikoyi_london 2.0

One of my favorite dishes of the meal, a mussel and saffron custard with poached razor clams, @n25caviar Kaluga caviar, finished with smoked fish bone broth and Biber chili saffron oil. What hit me first was the very smooth and creamy texture like the real creme caramel dessert, but it came with oceanic salinity in cold temperature rounded by the “sweet” almost honey-like saffron flavor. With the cold temperature... More

on 25 Jan 2023

Drunken Chicken Toast @[instagram] Ikoyi 2.0, London.

This is the most intriguing dish from the starters partly because it was very technique driven but also because of the ideas. The whole chicken was poached in master stock then soaked in spiced vin jaune, made into sausage and cut. into a thick medallion, smeared with black trumpet aioli layered with jelly of the master stock topped with ginger scallion, all placed on the base of chicken butter toast covered with crispy chilli oil.

This... More

on 25 Jan 2023

The menu at @ikoyi_london 2.0 features all new dishes, even the signature jollof rice has a new recipe with different spices, broth and custard.

Following @jeremychanikoyi through the years at Ikoyi, I found his flavor profile had gone from “horizontal” to “vertical” (think two perpendicular axes) - in the past the flavors were more broad and bold, nowadays they are deeper and concentrated, intensity driven by depth!

There is a delicate aspect to the current... More

on 24 Jan 2023

For my new year my top resolution is to finish all the other resolutions asap 😝, and I did one just in the first month. Ever since my last visit to Ikoyi 1.0 during Oct 2022, their last month in the old location, I had been looking forward to visiting @ikoyi_london 2.0, and I did! Only after 1+ month of closing 1.0 the whole team moved into the incredibly gorgeous new space at 180 Strand in December. You have probably seen numerous pictures featuring the interior design by @studiodavidthulstrup... More

on 30 Dec 2022

Sweetbread, Mackerel, Groundnut & Kumquat
Another excellent meal earlier this year at @ikoyi_london ,with excellent company @gastro1 .It’s been nearly 6 years since my first visit to Ikoyi where we terrorised @jeremychanikoyi by turning up with the likes of Gerhard Huber, Margaret Lam , Robert Driscoll and a host of other foodies to enjoy what was a superb lunch during the @oadtop100 week back then. It’s been fantastic to watch the restaurant evolve... More

on 12 Dec 2022

(SWIPE FOR MORE PICS) Part 2/3 of Ikoyi 1.0: Something that made me fall in love with Ikoyi 1.0 remained unchanged after Covid. The colorful vibrant palettes of sauces, flavors and spices, like the Moorland beef topped with confit grilled scallop served with emulsion of saffron and onion and spring green sauce (pic1-2). Sometimes I got send to other side of the spectrum where aged turbot poached in smoked oil and quickly grilled was served with razor clams poached in razor clam stock, penja pepper... More

on 12 Dec 2022

I will continue Kataori after but tonight is a special night because it is the opening of Ikoyi 2.0 at the new location. Although I am not in London, I am just so thrilled for the team. Before they open their door I want to share some of my thoughts about Ikoyi 1.0.

Looking back at my 1st Ikoyi meal 5 years ago, the evolution of the chef, the concept, the team, the approach, the cooking philosophy and the goal was significant. A restaurant often being (mis)labelled as modern African / Nigerian cuisine... More

on 12 Dec 2022

@jeremychanikoyi did not start his career as a chef with the usual story of being inspired by his grandma or family, or trying to carry a tradition or heritage. Perhaps that is exactly why he could free himself from doing a certain style of cooking or stick to the cliche of being authentic. Ikoyi is a breath of freshness in today’s cooking world as the original cooking style and creative dishes have clearly distinguish themselves from the majority of the peers who are doing what have... More

6 / 10
on 25 May 2022

This was my first time to try the African cuisine genre. I was surprised to learn that this restaurant has already been awarded two stars.
The taste was strange, unique, and interesting.
The taste was completely different from that of the so-called "umami" Japanese cuisine. It was an interesting course.

... More

on 18 Oct 2021

Another stellar meal @ikoyi_london back in June, where @jeremychanikoyi is killing it as always. I never tire of this restaurant.
Michelin Guide - ⭐️
OAD - 69
W50B - 87
#achefabroad #itravelforfood #foodie #foodies #foodporn #foodpic #foodpics #finedining #michelindining #eats #instafoodie #michelinstar #oad #worlds50bestrestaurants... More

on 01 May 2020

Posting about this meal brought back so much memories. It was quite an adventure for me to get there, and back to Paris the next day on the 7am train for another lunch at Arpege (to eat double the desserts I missed in the lunch the same day as Ikoyi due to time rush to train to London 🙈) .
But it was worth the hassle. The meal was sensational. Full of originality, full of bold flavors, layers of umami, contrast of textures. It was beyond my expectation. I could finally try the whole tasting... More

on 29 Mar 2020

So after you got all these beautiful boxes of ingredients (or got yours from supermarkets), what do you do with them? Obviously you cook.
For home cooking, @ikoyi_london chef @jeremychanikoyi is posting recipes similar to what @taksekin is doing. Ingredients and instructions all written in a way that is meant to be followed without too much difficulty even during lockdown and help others to cook real food.
Well, he had me at chicken rice 🐔🍚 🔥❤️💓😍... More

9 / 10
on 20 Jan 2020

I am around two months in arrears in terms of posting meals, but I had a lunch yesterday in ‘that’ London that has prompted me to forget about posting my meals at Mugaritz or El Celar de Can Rocca or indeed the insanely good 3am kebab from ‘Big John’s’ in Aylesbury that I woke up next to this morning.
I’ve been to Ikoyi a few times now and it was a restaurant that it seemed (from my point of view) that there was a certain buzz about. I mean, show me another West African restaurant with... More

on 08 Jun 2019

Absolutely brilliant meal at @ikoyi_london. Many, many great dishes, but that fried chicken... my god. Bonus points for not messing around with the spice.

on 21 May 2019

Wild rice & Fonio
Another visit to the fantastic ⭐️Ikoyi in London to try their new(ish) tasting menu format. Needless to say that it was of course fantastic with the usual vibrant flavours and interesting use of ingredients. .
. .
Michelin Guide - ⭐️ OAD list - 117 (2019)
W50Best- .

#achefabroad #itravelforfood #foodie #foodies #foodporn #foodpic #foodpics #finedining #michelindining... More

8 / 10
on 30 Apr 2019

Ikoyi opened in mid-2017 and gained a Michelin star in the 2019 Michelin guide. The cuisine uses African ingredients and puts a modern twist on them with British produce through its ‘blind’ menus (no menus provided, just the option of how many courses and allergens /intolerances checked). My lunch here was a set 3-course menu of savouries for £35 with an additional dessert course offered at the end for £8.50, meaning £43.50 for four courses; therefore a set lunch with dessert and coffee... More

8 / 10
on 18 Apr 2018

The plantains at Ikoyi were my intro to West African food. Ikoyi restaurant uses British ingredients, putting their own modern twist into bringing Nigerian flavors, techniques and spice combinations to London.

CHEF: Jeremy Chan

2018 OAD Top 100+ European Gourmet Casual No. 73
FULL ALBUM: https://www.flickr.com/photos/loustejskal/albums/72157690708744610

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