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Tsuyoshi Sakai

Foodle Reviews

9 / 10
on 02 Feb 2024

Tha Sakai in Kyoto, known as ザ サカイ, is a remarkable establishment that offers an exclusive dining experience, focusing on wood-fired cuisine. Chef Tsuyoshi Sakai, after training at the renowned Etxebarri in Spain's Basque Country, brings a direct approach to cooking with an emphasis on the quality of ingredients and the technique of fire cooking. The restaurant operates on an invitation-only basis, offering a unique culinary journey that combines traditional Japanese ingredients with the... More

9 / 10
on 30 Mar 2023

I feel that the food in this places gets more refined every time I go there.
The dishes have more depth and flavor, the execution is flawless and combinations of ingredients simple but sublime.
The settings, just one group, makes it a wonderful place to go with some friends and eat some really good food.

8 / 10
on 20 Nov 2021

Chef Tsuyoshi Sakai worked in Italy and in Spain in the Basque Country where he worked for one year in the Mekka of wood fire cooking, Extebarri.
On return to Japan he worked in Kobe but now set up his shop in Kyoto for a little more than one year.
His cooking style is heavily influenced by his Spanish experience as he uses exclusively a grill to prepare his dishes. The wood is oak from Wakayama which he prepares in a big strove. From there he moves the appropriate amount of charcoal to the grill... More

on 18 Aug 2021

Tha Sakai, Kyoto. Counter-only space with a pretty hidden entrance, tucked behind their more casual Enca. Chef from a favorite of mine in Kobe, bb9, now has a new spot to refine his cuisine right in front of you. Excellent ingredients, cooked only with wood fire and smoke, just like Extebarri, where he worked previously. A wonderful addition to Kyoto.

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546-1 Ōkikuchō, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-8376, Japan