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Scandinavian Cuisine


Christian Puglisi

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6 / 10
on 02 Dec 2020

Relæ was an institution in Copenhagen, in Danmark, and as a restaurant it was part of the whole New Nordic kitchen. Christian Puglisi started Relæ (and Manfreds across the street) in 2010 – and in 2012 it got a Michelin star. But not only that the restaurant was one of the first organic restaurant in the world, truly ahead of its time. In 2020 Michelin introduced the Sustainability Emblem
This was my third and final dinner at Relæ, since the restaurant closed at the end of 2020. And this loss... More

on 27 Aug 2019

Always a great meal at Relæ in Copenhagen, the perfect stop during an overnight layover in the city. Healthy, light, and tasty with a very well-balanced juicy pairing. The menu changes every season, which keeps things interesting with every visit. ?
Relae, Copenhagen (Aug 2019)
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on 04 Jun 2018

Juice pairings: Apple and lemon thyme | Black tea and pineappleweed | Chamomile with Spanish chervil | Grilled lemon and juniper | Wild rice with yellow flower | Salted plums and sage | Gooseberry and black currant | Blueberry and woodruff | Jasmine tea and quince
Relae, Copenhagen (July 2017)
#relae #visitcopenhagen #relæ

7 / 10
on 15 Feb 2018

late dinner at Relæ

7 / 10
on 23 Jun 2016
7 / 10
on 07 May 2015

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Jægersborggade 41, 2200 København, Denmark


Permanently Closed


+45 (36) 966609