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on 13 Jan 2022

It you need a no nonsense, extremely delicious, highly seasonal meal in Barcelona: Alkimia is always the best option! Jordi Vilà is a chef who loves to COOK, and you’ll find some very special ingredients here like baby octopuses, ganxet beans, partridge, wild boar, sea urchin, etc…

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on 19 Jul 2021

Bigorre black pig with truffled potatoes purée
Artichoke heart with almatret rabbit and Iberian bacon
Rabbit kidneys
Truffles Mont Blanc
Lunch at ⭐️ Alkimia in Barcelona. One of my favourite places to eat in the city. It was an interesting meal this time as I was enjoying the tasting menu, but as I was eating with my friend Alejandro who pretty much lives in this restaurant, he was ordering ‘off menu’ A La Carte. So I had the best of both worlds being able to taste both the intricate... More

on 01 Apr 2021

A wonderful feast of Catalonian comfort foods in an amazing company in Alkimia* by the fantastic Jordi Vilà!
Pierre Koffmann pig trotter, botifarra, pork belly, anchovies, white asparagus and snap peas, tortillas, grilled veggies and .... the most amazing aioli ever! An unforgettable meal!
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on 15 Jun 2020

A few more dishes in our meal:
Pic 1-3. fresh Spanish sea urchin with egg, metallic like aka uni.
Pic 4. shrimp head with caviar, a much better version than many other places in Barcelona 🤤 .
Pic 5. Macaroni Gratin
Pic 6. Pork with chickpea. These pork strips were sooooo tender and delicious with crispy sides and fat 🤤 .
Pic 7. Partridge meatballs, amazingly moist and could taste the partridge flavor ❤️ .
Pic 8, 9. Various desserts such as Sorbet of apple basil and celery, Cheesecake... More

on 21 Apr 2020

Kaki fruit, black tea ice cream and Amaretto emulsion

Another visit to ⭐️ @alkimiarestaurant in Barcelona before Christmas and another stunning meal from chef @jordialk Jordi Vila

Michelin Guide - ⭐️
OAD - 78
W50Best - .

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on 20 Apr 2020

Leek pastry with horseradish and cheese cream

Another visit to ⭐️ @alkimiarestaurant in Barcelona before Christmas and another stunning meal from chef @jordialk Jordi Vila

Michelin Guide - ⭐️
OAD - 78
W50Best - .

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6 / 10
on 15 Mar 2018

So-so food at Alkimia.
The massive oyster is as big as a steak but tastes astonishingly good, even the texture is great.
They have a massive fire pit for grilling and claim that it is much better than anything Extebarri has.

8 / 10
on 14 Mar 2014

Back in 2014 Alkimia was housed in Gracia, before it moved to its current place in Principal.
We had a multi-course early dinner that day with our then 3 year old daughter. A walk-in we were reluctant to bring her to such a fine dinning experience, concerned how they would meet her (this being the first time we had on of our children at a michelin resturant, but this would not the last). That concern was put to shame, they made a couple of dished for her (a Canneloni with chicken and ice) for a very... More

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