A Foodie’s Journal

1 November 2018 / 2,894 Views

People have always loved food. According to Wikipedia, we may have started preparing our food with fire 2 million years ago, though archaeological evidence for that point back to 1 million years ago. Plating, however, appeared much later. In Ancient Rome, banquets were important social events focusing on both live performances and food presentation. The meal consisted of 3 courses and was served in elaborate rituals. In Medieval Europe, artists created sculptures from food items for aristocrats’ receptions.

Food-related entertainment

However, in the past couple of decades, our dance with food has speeded up and transformed from tango into passionate salsa. Cooking shows have been around for decades, but in the past twenty years, food-related entertainment has really grown in popularity. Restaurants are more of entertainment venues rather than just places where you fill your belly. Chefs quickly become celebrities, their professional success or failures get on the news. Everyone knows Gordon Ramsey and that he cried when one of his restaurants lost two Michelin stars.

Restaurants become famous too. There are various restaurant rating systems from expert culinary specialists awarding Michelin or Forbes Stars or The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list to crowd-sourced OAD and Yelp reviews.

Food and social media

The Internet and social media have changed our lives in many ways, including how we share our love for food. New terms like “foodie” and “food porn” have been coined. We describe and take photos of our home-cooked meals or dining experiences and post them. We also pay attention to detail: where the photo was taken, how the meal was cooked, what ingredients were used, what cooking techniques were applied, and how it tasted.

We post our experiences on social media in order to share them with other people and come back to these sweet memories later.

We try to use social media as a diary of our experiences. However, as mentioned in our previous article, social media are not the best place to organise your memories. It is extremely difficult to find a Facebook post, an Instagram photo or a tweet you shared a long time ago and involves a lot of irritating scrolling.

Find a safe place for your journal

There are different reasons why people keep food journals, for example, to estimate the calorie content of a meal or to make sure they get enough protein and variety in their diet. Chefs and amateur cooks write notes when they develop dishes and plating designs.

Food lovers, travellers, bloggers and writers want to record all the dining places they have visited - the good, the best and the bad. They describe and photograph their experiences and need a place where to organise their notes.

There are a lot of tools helping you keep track of your recipes but only one app where you can organise your dining experiences, and this is Foodle.pro.

On Foodle, you will be able to build a chronological archive of your meals, from as far back as you wish, and easily reference them in the future. Once you register on the website and create a meal, you may include notes and photos. You also have the option to rate your meals on a scale of 1 to 10, so that next time you are going to dine at the same restaurant, you can easily check whether you liked the food there. If you want to quickly find the best dining experiences you have ever had, add them to your list of top meals.

When you create a meal, first you either choose the name of the eatery from a list of restaurants near your current location or type it. Then, you have to fill in two required fields which have been prepopulated for your convenience, that is whether it was a breakfast, lunch or dinner according to your local time and the date. You may also insert tags and tag people you have dined with. Rate your meals so that later you can sort them out by your personal rating system. Last but not least, decide whether you want to keep your journal private or share it.

Organise and search through your archive

If you want to have a sub-album of a meal with photos and descriptions of different courses, drinks or the restaurant, add a new dish, beverage or ambience. A dish entry, for example, may contain your notes and photos of one and the same dish. It has its own title and rating.

Going through your journal and searching out is as easy as a piece of cake. Click on your Meals tab and you will be redirected to a new page. Apply different filters and search by city, date, ratings or meal status (private or public). You can also find only the awarded restaurants (Michelin, World’s 50 Best, OAD, Tabelog) you have visited during a certain period of time.

Foodle has a unique search engine which can help you plan your next food trip or make a list of places you want to try in the future.

Find a restaurant by name or search for all the eating places near you or in a certain location. Choose additional filters like accolades and rankings. If you want to check other users’ reviews or whether it is featured on Foodle, tick one of the two boxes - Visited or Featured. Finally, add the restaurant to your Wishlist.

Your news feed on Foodle is also a great source of information. By browsing other users’ posts, you may discover charming eateries from all over the world.

Now you can visit all these awesome dining places and never lose a single record, photo or memory of your experiences. Moreover, now it is easier than ever to find your memories and share them with friends on Foodle or other social media. Register on Foodle and enjoy your new journal!