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Foodle makes it easy to manage and organize your food experiences. Just record your meals, upload photos, rate restaurants or even dishes, and share those food memories on social media.

AND never forget a meal. Foodle lets you quickly find a meal even if it was years back. Do you want to know how many stars you ate in any given year? The answer is just one click away.

Follow friends and other food lovers. See their photos and read what they think about a meal.

Research Faster, Eat Better

Foodle is helping thousands of food experts around the world. With Foodle, you can find your next food experience and keep a memory of places you went to. No more struggles thinking about what and where to eat in your hometown or on your next culinary trip to another city or country.

Foodle was created in 2017 by Gerhard Huber, the diner who has already eaten in all three Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. He uses Foodle daily to keep track of his restaurant visits, to search for a restaurant, and to share his meals with other food lovers.

Foodle lets you find a restaurant by name or awards and rankings of world renowned guides like the Michelin Guide. You can also create and share lists of places you want to visit with one click. Log, explore, and share your food life in one app.


Foodle collects for you all notable restaurant аwards lists and top guides like Michelin Guide, Tabelog, The World’s 50 Best, Opinionated About Dining (OAD) and Elite Collection.

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