A Foodie’s Journal
1 November 2018 / 3,325 Views
People have always loved food. According to Wikipedia, we may have started preparing our food with fire 2 million years ago, though archaeological evidence for that point back to 1 million years ago. Plating, however, appeared much later. In...
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How Foodle Was Born
28 August 2018 / 5,866 Views
People have been writing down their experiences for many centuries. One of the earliest works that displays the characteristics of a diary, according to Wikipedia, is Meditations, a series of personal writings of the Roman Emperor Marcus...
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Discover a Whole New Dining World
15 August 2018 / 3,494 Views
Social media have rapidly evolved since 1997 when the first social network website SixDegrees was launched. As with all new things, the beginning was a little chaotic. Myspace rose to fame and then went into oblivion. LinkedIn has shown slow and...
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