Londrino is the new self styled ‘Neighbourhood Restaurant’ near London Bridge. Portuguese chef Leandro Carreira observes the flavours, traditions and ingredients of his native Portugal with great success. The menu is built for sharing and with four of us we were able to sample all but a couple of the dishes on the menu. Very good for sharing, i... More


Super impressed by @chaak_kitchen. My only regret is not bringing more people so I could eat more of the menu. The cochinita pibil was ridiculous, and the charred habenero in several dishes was addictively smoky and hot. Big thank you to Marco for being so warm, and educating me on Yucatán cuisine and history.

Super local yakitori, excellent pieces and great value.


Great dinner by team Vasco. 2nd visit after 3 years.

An ok but fairly forgettable meal at 2* Le Montgomerie at the K2 Hotel in Courchevel 1850. A delicious carabinero dish is probably all I shall remember from this meal. The K2 hotel is incredible though. Very beautiful indeed.


Just a few of the many, many delicious courses at @smythchicago Chef @chefjohnshields and his whole team having something very special on their hands. We ended the night in the lounge, sipping vintage amari, and already plotting a return trio to Chicago.

tomato soup (7 different tomatoes)

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