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8 / 10
on 06 Aug 2021
8 / 10
on 06 Aug 2021
8 / 10
on 15 Dec 2018

Very nice dinner and safe 3 star experience especially surf n turf were exceptional

10 / 10
on 30 Aug 2018

Contemporary German.
My favorite meal from Germany, by far!
Michelin 3*

9 / 10
on 21 Aug 2014

This is widely regarded as the country’s finest restaurant. The setting is a little odd as you have to drive through a car sales estate to get to the hotel in which Aqua is within (Ritz Carlton) which is somehow set opposite an industrial site but a lake separating the two which, frankly makes a bizarre slice of scenery to have from their pre-dinner terrace. However, the food here was as impressive as one can expect for a 3 Michelin starred venue in Germany with precision of design and some... More

Recommended in Wolfsburg


Parkstraße 1, 38440 Wolfsburg, Germany


Open hours


+49 5361 606056