Dinner at Aqua

Dinner at Aqua

at Aqua on 15 December 2018
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Very nice dinner and safe 3 star experience especially surf n turf were exceptional

8 / 10

The hotel

The table

Fried olive

Pineapple GT with pistachio

The bread

Char and kohlrabi

Sepia and grapefruit

Shrimps in own bisque and herb oil

Foie gras in pear glaze with malt sirup and peanut fried and powder

Lightly grilled trout with cucumber and horseradish

Celeriac with egg yolk topped with milk skin, almond cream and white truffle

Crab with fried potato emulsion with outer reign of lamb tongue in pickled vinaigrette

Pike perch with bacon and chin of pork

Calf sweetbread with radish in garlic veloute

Deer with fermented grilled kale and cabbage leafs

The cheese

The selection

The figbread

The infamous champagne rose sorbet in own bottle

The bespoken

Beetroot with chocolate and strawberry

Pear and rooibos tea

Carrot and miso

The chocolate

The selection

The menu in German