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Plachutta Vienna


Average rating from 2 meals 7 / 10
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Austrian Cuisine, Austrian



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on 10 Oct 2022

The famous Tafelspitz of Plachutta in Vienna, but this time I chose other cuts instead of the usual one: boiled beef, tongue and veal head! And the obligatory bone marrow, beef broth, root veggies, chive sauce, hash browns, apple-horseradish, toasted black bread.

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7 / 10
on 03 Aug 2020

The home of the world famous Tafelspitz and Wiener Schnitzel. The seasonal iced beetroot soup with shrimp is super delicious.

7 / 10
on 18 Jan 2019

Plachutta is special Viennese institution and synonym for Viennese cuisine, particularly for the famous boiled fillet of beef (Tafelspitz) and Wiener schnitzel.
We arrived to the restaurant for a quick dinner before an Opera performance about 6 PM without any reservation. The restaurant was almost full, but luckily they managed to get a table for a short time slot for us and seated us outside in a covered winter terrace with a nice view of the street.
We tried their Wiener Schnitzel and the fried... More

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Wollzeile 38, 1010 Wien, Austria


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+43 (1 ) 5121577