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on 21 Jul 2023

“Tomato from our garden confited in sheep's butter” @ricardcamarena

on 02 Jul 2023

Highlights of my great meal at Ricard Camarena 2 weeks ago in Valencia, Spain.
I loved his unique flavor combinations (some find them challenging), it was a very strong meal!


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on 28 Jun 2023

Cold “Carabassot”soup, frozen yoghurt powder and fresh herbs @ricardcamarena

on 26 Jun 2023

Red prawns with garlic, bobby beans and egg yolk. Consommé from their heads. @ricardcamarena

6 / 10
on 24 Jun 2023

A very erratic meal. No concept, weird combination of ingredients. No one single dish was outstanding.

on 19 Jun 2023

“White asparagus, almonds and mussels”. A hard to beat combination @ricardcamarena

on 29 Mar 2023

The colour of the artichokes at Valencia market / the bitterness of the “Artichoke cocktail and tonic” / the sweetness of “Artichoke, Amazonian honey and pollen” at @ricardcamarena / @alexatala “From the Amazonia to the Mediterraneo” jam session lunch

on 27 Mar 2023

Amazonian heart of palm and Valencian margalló (Blue Mediterranean fan palm/ Chamaerops humilis), truffle juice and seeds” /
“Brazilian sweet pepper and tucupi (a yellow sauce extracted from wild manioc root in Brazil's Amazon jungle)in two ways, with oyster and with rice” / “ kid and spring garlic”
From the culinary jam session of @ricardcamarena and @alexatala celebrating the intersection of geographies, produce and background of each chef

on 26 Mar 2023

“Shrimp “cortado” with coffee broth”
@ricardcamarena @alexatala jam session “From Amazonia to the Mediterraneo”

on 26 Mar 2023

“This was a jam session that gave us a lot of pleasure and was only possible because we shared the same attitude, with humility to listen to each other and moved by the pleasure of creating new things, not thinking too much, improvising, letting it flow and seeing what works” says @alexatala standing alongside with @ricardcamarena at his restaurant in Valencia, for a unique culinary jam session - instead of the usual four hands dinner where each chefs presents his own dishes... More

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