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Le Palais Taipei


Average rating from 2 meals 6 / 10
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Ken Chen



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6 / 10
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on 20 May 2018

- Chef Ken Chan

Cantonese cuisine needs to be eaten in a group. Luckily my friend from HK got together a band of 6 indulging on various types of ducks and chickens at the 3 star restaurant Le Palais.

It was a perfectly good meal and as we did not choose shark fin etc unbelievable value for money.

However, as much as I trust the GM in general, when it comes to Cantonese cuisine I just don't get it. This restaurant and the Tang Courts in HK and Seoul can simple not be compared to any other... More

6 / 10
on 20 May 2018

I used to hate this place years ago, and then Michelin gave them 3 stars out of the blue... so I was obliged to help my friend arrange a dinner there. Food has improved, but it wouldn't even warrant one star in Hong Kong.

Full account of dinner is here: http://www.diarygrowingboy.com/2018/05/taipei-michelin-hop-three-stars-puh.html

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103, Taiwan, Taipei City, Datong District, Section 1, Chengde Road, 3號17樓


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+886 2 2181 9950#3261