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At the heart of the restaurant are the Bulgarian culinary traditions for thousands of years, during Great Bulgaria, to the south and north of the Danube, the Mediterranean coast and all the way to Asia.

Our desire is to present our guests with the food and the techniques of its preparation, which have remained somewhere in the past, forgotten, but waiting to be rediscovered.

A culinary journey through the centuries in Bulgaria - from the ancient Thracians, through Asparuh, Boris, Samuil to the present days.

Through this cuisine, the restaurant team tells their guests a story of the senses so they can feel part of it and create their own memories of their experience. The means to reach this goal through the incredible food, the stories of Chef Petrov and the atmosphere that is as close as possible to the home coziness. In this way, visitors would not only return to the restaurant but would also travel to re-enter the fairy tale.


Boris Petrov, Kalin Savov

Foodle Reviews

9 / 10
on 04 Mar 2021

First visit of chef Petrov for this year and actually first day it was open after our lockdown. There are a few new dishes in the menu, which were quite interesting and a few old well known dishes. A lot of the used products were handmade produced by the two chefs and provided unique taste and feeling. My favourite ones are the different type of cheeses, especially the green one, which you could buy at the end of your dinner, if you like. If you are in Sofia and you have not been to this place yet... More

10 / 10
on 11 Mar 2020

This was a private dinner with a special menu influenced by the corona virus, which goal was to influence and improve the diners' immune systems.

10 / 10
on 14 Nov 2019

Another amazing dinner at Secret Table, this time trying the new autumn entries.

8 / 10
on 14 Oct 2019

When you go to the Secret Table of Chef Petrov in Sofia you get more than food. Chef Petrov is a Historian, a Biochemist, a Forager, a Philosopher, a Magician and an Entertainer. And before I forget, he also is a tremendous Cook.

A tiny place on the second floor with some interesting furniture has a world class ambition. A 25-dish tasting menu, with an wine pairing at a price which coming from Western Europe feels unbelievably cheap but maybe is affordable to only well to do Bulgarians.

Chef... More

10 / 10
on 13 Aug 2019

My second meal with Boris Petrov - many more to follow :-)
I have been to many top ranked places in this world, but this great Chef now definitely conquered a clear position on my personal top 5 list, putting him in the same league like Massimiliano Bottura, Grant Achatz, Martin Berasategui and Victor Arguinzoniz. His 23 course meal was a festival of perfect tastes, most with Bulgarian descent - and all really unique, with own character, no „classic deja-tasted“ dishes. Definitely on 2-3 star... More

10 / 10
on 05 Aug 2019

We had a most pleasurable meal probably the best in our life (and we are experienced dinners who ate at Michelin restaurants). The food was creative and delicious. Extremely esthetic and fun. The atmosphere was brilliant, and the service was very good. The wines were exquisite, and the price was very reasonable for what we got. We will definitely come again in our next visit to Sofia. Don't miss it!

9 / 10
on 09 Jul 2019

Another amazing dinner and evening with chef Petrov and his team. No matter, just two months have passed since my last visit, I'd say that the majority of items in the degustation menu were fully new and the rest re-made in a new way.

This time the focus was on fermentation into direction of milk, yogurt, different types of cheese, Yuba plus additionally kimchi as a separate one.

10 / 10
on 22 Jun 2019

Tasting the new entries on the menu. Really nice :)

10 / 10
Top list
on 07 May 2019

First visits, since the new concept and re-branding of the restaurant happened a month ago and I should say I am really impressed by the new approach. This is not dining anymore, it is more like special event, where chef Petrov and his team are cooking for you and explaining the story of each of the dishes.

Currently, this is possible only in groups (up to 12 people) and once per day, but this is going to change already this month and then there will be two groups per day.

The menu is like a... More

10 / 10
Top list
on 11 Feb 2019

My first visit at Secret by Chef Petrov. I am really impressed by the high quality of the selection of the items in the degustation menu and the great presentations. Everything was done as a piece of art, which makes this place unique compared to anything else in the region. Incredible quality to price ratio.

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bul. "Makedonia" 12, 1606 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria


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