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At the heart of the restaurant are the Bulgarian culinary traditions for thousands of years, during Great Bulgaria, to the south and north of the Danube, the Mediterranean coast and all the way to Asia.

Our desire is to present our guests with the food and the techniques of its preparation, which have remained somewhere in the past, forgotten, but waiting to be rediscovered.

A culinary journey through the centuries in Bulgaria - from the ancient Thracians, through Asparuh, Boris, Samuil to the present days.

Through this cuisine, the restaurant team tells their guests a story of the senses so they can feel part of it and create their own memories of their experience. The means to reach this goal through the incredible food, the stories of Chef Petrov and the atmosphere that is as close as possible to the home coziness. In this way, visitors would not only return to the restaurant but would also travel to re-enter the fairy tale.


Boris Petrov, Kalin Savov

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on 09 Jul 2019

Another amazing dinner and evening with chef Petrov and his team. No matter, just two months have passed since my last visit, I'd say that the majority of items in the degustation menu were fully new and the rest re-made in a new way.

This time the focus was on fermentation into direction of milk, yogurt, different types of cheese, Yuba plus additionally kimchi as a separate one.

on 22 Jun 2019

Tasting the new entries on the menu. Really nice :)

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on 07 May 2019

First visits, since the new concept and re-branding of the restaurant happened a month ago and I should say I am really impressed by the new approach. This is not dining anymore, it is more like special event, where chef Petrov and his team are cooking for you and explaining the story of each of the dishes.

Currently, this is possible only in groups (up to 12 people) and once per day, but this is going to change already this month and then there will be two groups per day.

The menu is like a historic overview of old authentic kitchen from the Balkan region, where sometimes we went over 4,000 years back in time. The menu price is really affordable (55 euro per person, for up to 23 dishes) and I'd say even low for the quality and service provided. It could be also combined with wine-pairing from local Bulgarian wineries.

I highly recommend this to everyone visiting Sofia, because it is really a great experience.

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on 11 Feb 2019

My first visit at Secret by Chef Petrov. I am really impressed by the high quality of the selection of the items in the degustation menu and the great presentations. Everything was done as a piece of art, which makes this place unique compared to anything else in the region. Incredible quality to price ratio.

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bul. "Tsar Osvoboditel" 12, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria


+359 87 844 4474