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on 29 Mar 2021

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ San Francisco β€’ March 2021
Another stunning dish at @saisonsf 🌟🌟
caviar β€’ salsify β€’ seaweed butter β€’ grilled lettuce β€’ dill

on 19 Sep 2019

Saison. An excellent menu that reminded me of why I fell in love with the restaurant many years ago. #latergram

9 / 10
on 21 Dec 2018

Back to one of my favorites. Now under new management, Chef Laurent Gras took over and put his style already on Saison.
More classical with dishes like tagliatelle with white truffels, a great dish but something which would have been never served in the "old" Saison.
However, Saison still shines with world class dishes like the pink sea bream, the carb and the squab.

on 12 Aug 2018

Back at @saisonsf after far, far too long. Excellent as always, and really exciting to taste @laurentgras first new dishes.

7 / 10
on 06 Jun 2018

A new menu at Saison. This time they thought to get rid of cutlery and forced the diner to eat (mostly) with their hands. I am not a great fan of this new fashion taking over the fine dining scene. I do get the notion of having the additional sensory experience of eating with your hands, but it usually leaves your hand sticky and not feeling nice. If they really want to do this, they would have to serve at a minimum a hot towel after every single course in order to the diner to be able to clean their... More

9 / 10
on 06 Jun 2018

Highlights of my meal. More to come.

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