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on 15 Sep 2023

Raspberry, nuvola di latte, vervain

on 15 Sep 2023

Langoustine, caviar, rhubarb, vervain

on 15 Sep 2023

Dover sole, sea land mussel, lemon marigold, fennel

on 15 Sep 2023

Akami, tomato, pickled strawberry, basil

on 15 Sep 2023

Otoro, fresh herb

on 15 Sep 2023

Tuna balfego

on 14 Sep 2023

Cold & hot oysters

on 14 Sep 2023

Puffed bread, eggplant, beef txogitzxu

on 14 Sep 2023

Watermelon. yuzu koshu, Cucumber. Mint,
Herring. Sweet bell pepper

10 / 10
on 28 Sep 2022

A friend of mine organized this lunch and roped in two more friends from Brugge who are frequent guest. So we got the XXL menu with no stops.
Precise cuisine with some very delicious flavors.
Some outstanding dishes like the tartare with cauliflower, the row with chimichurri and bluefin tuna with buckwheat noddles.
Great hospitality, wonderful service and deep wine list.
A worthy three star in a stunning setting.

Recommended in Roeselare


Rumbeeksesteenweg 300, 8800 Roeselare, Belgium


Open hours


+32 (516) 26462