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Cozinha das Flores Porto


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Foodle Reviews

on 27 Oct 2023

No, this isn't the “pastel de nata”, our beloved sweet egg custard tart.
It's the savoury, slightly spicy and super delicious "turnip natas with caviar" from @nunoviajante's new restaurant in Porto, @cozinhadasfloresporto.
Not to be missed.

on 16 Oct 2023

Food is all about gathering, sharing, connecting. People. Your people. Your friends. A safe place for emotions and sensations.
And these are some highlights of exactly that, a beautiful evening with great company and lovely wine @saladafruta ❤️
Thank you guys!! @cozinhadasfloresporto 🔥
#cozinhadasflores #porto #thelargo #visitportugal #foodlovers #portugal

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Largo São Domingos 62, 4050-545 Porto, Portugal


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+351 22 976 0001