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Ramen KAIZAN Narashino


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on 21 Apr 2022

ラーメン かいざん

Kaizan’s ramen is a mix of fatty pork, oily soup, and bits of seabura (pork back fat) alongside fat-neutralizing spices and greens. It’s a Funabashi institution and is frequently on television shows, at least when the topic is Funabashi. Ah, Funabashi. Disneyland, the minor character Funashi, and msg-laden pork ramen.

Full write up on my website.

@ramenadventures #ラーメン #らーめん #日本 #日本のラーメン... More

on 22 Aug 2021

かいざんラーメン / Kaizan Ramen / Ramen Kaizan - Higashi-Funabashi, Chiba

Pork bones, pork feet and seabura in the soup. Noodles provided by Sakai Seimen. Topped with sliced negi, which the kitchen goes through 60 kg of each day. Original master Inohara-san first worked at a bento shop and a soba shop before visiting the well known franchise 'Ramen Shop,' which led him to fall in love with ramen. He learned how to make ramen himself before opening his own establishment 'New Ramen Shop Kaizan'... More

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6-chōme-21-4 Yatsu, Narashino, Chiba 275-0026, Japan


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+81 47-475-8603