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Senpuku (手打ちラーメン 千福) Nagano


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Chūka Style

Foodle Reviews

7 / 10
on 08 Apr 2020

Recommended bowl: Noodles from scratch

This 25 seat shop is run by a lone master who hails from Taiwan, with no other staff. The specialty and draw are the handmade noodles, which the master makes from scratch, old school style. But what's more impressive, is that he makes them to order, when each order comes in. He makes gyoza skins the same way, paired with a light soup and simple toppings. Every dish at this shop is made based on the thinking that 'eating healthily prevents and cures illness.’... More

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Gondōchō-2227 Tsuruga, Nagano, 380-0833, Japan


Temporarily Closed


+81 80-3008-8221