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Kaze (らーめん風 ) Matsudo


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Sapporo Miso

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7 / 10
on 28 Aug 2018

Recommended bowl: Sapporo style yaki-miso

Kaze is run for the most part by master Yasumoto-san, who lived in Sapporo for 20 years and trained at Sora, a well-known shop there. He also helped open a branch of Sora in Las Vegas, before opening his own shop here in Tokyo in 2017. His miso ramen contains a blend of two types of Hokkaido white miso, and the noodles are shipped in directly from Sapporo. If you are feeling lavish, opt for the extra-butter topping.

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Japan, 〒271-0077 Chiba, Matsudo, Nemoto, 6−4


Permanently Closed