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Komatsu Yasuke (小松 弥助) Kanazawa

Foodle Reviews

on 04 Aug 2018

Visit to one of the legends of Sushi in Japan. Morita-san, well over 80 years old, has a mischievous humour and is very friendly. This creates an atmosphere which is unlike many other places in Tokyo which is like a mass in church.
His nigiri have plenty of air in them and are maybe not as precisely cut but they taste is very good as the combination with the shari is perfect.
I do hope that Morita-san will stay healthy and fit, so we can enjoy his sushi for many more years.

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Japan, 〒920-0853 Ishikawa-ken, Kanazawa-shi, Honmachi, 2 Chome−17−21 金沢茶屋別館 1F


Open hours


+81 76-231-1001