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on 23 Mar 2019

Fast sushi on the way to Sakurajime, Shiko sushi starts unceremoniously three minutes after you arrive and delivers 15 nigiris in about 60 minutes.
The shari has medium acidity and the size is on the smaller side. The neta seems to be less aged than in other places which leaves sometimes a firmer texture in the mouth. The style is a mixture of Kyushu and Edo-mae as the Chef mixes citrus fruit seasoned nigiri with ones that are brushed with soy sauce.
Some stand-out pieces were the thinly cut ika with Hokkaido uni on top and the Shima-aji.
An interesting technique is his cutting of the Shima-aji. He cuts it like a butterfly where opens the shrimp twice. The netz then gets almost wrapped around the rice, which creates an unsual texture in the mouth.
Great value for money, at least for lunch

Recommended in Kagoshima


9-22 Higashisengokuchō, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima-ken 892-0842, Japan


+81 99-227-2388