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on 21 Nov 2018

A brother team, Kazuki and Kinsei Kimiya, one doing sushi (cleaning and hand drying the antic glasses), the other cooking kaiseki (and being responsible for cleaning and drying the dishes).
The kaiseki style is very interesting as the Chef uses some really innovative techniques and flavour combinations. For example he served in a yuzu a mixture of shirako and awabi. Or the dish with steamed eggs with foie gras with a layer of hot seaweed gel on top of it. Fantastic!
I think the Sushi Chef has it harder to come up with some true innovation. Nevertheless sushi by itself offers the chance for a different taste with each bite. His signature dish, the akami nigiri was stunning. Another extraordinary dish was the 2 weeeks old sea bream sashimi with an unusual flavour and somewhat chewer texture but he made it work beautifully.

Recommended in Kagoshima


〒892-0821 2F, 4-10 名山町 鹿児島市 鹿児島県 892-0821, Japan


+81 99-295-0922