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Teshima's Restaurant Honalo


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on 11 Mar 2024

サイミン / Saimin / Teshima Restaurant — Kealakekua, Hawaii

Hawaiian saimin combines clear seafood based soup with medium width noodles by S&S, a local Hawaiian brand. Toppings include fried spam, napa cabbage, scrambled egg and kamaboko fish cake. Japanese breakfast on the side.

The history of this establishment dates back to 1929, when Mary Shizuko Teshima opened the F. Teshima General Merchandise Store. First selling housemade ice cream (using ice brought in from Hilo daily), Teshima-san... More


79-7251 Hawaiʻi Belt Rd, Kealakekua, HI 96750, USA


Open hours


+1 808-322-9140