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らーめんうぉんちゅ Himeji


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on 20 Jul 2023

坊勢ラーメン / Bōze Ramen / Ramen Uonchu — Bōze Island, Hyogo

Shoyu based soup contains pork thigh meat and locally made niboshi-garei (dried flounder). Medium-thin straight dried noodles, pork chashu, green negi, bean sprouts and menma. House-made gando-garei rice bowl and garei-furikake rice bowl on the side, both utilize the locally produced dried fish (considered a delicacy by native islanders).

Master Norihiro Kobayashi was born on Bōze Island and has lived there his entire... More

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694-83 Ieshimachō Bōze, Himeji, Hyogo 672-0103, Japan


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+81 80-2478-6502