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Ramen Nikkou Hikone


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Foodle Reviews

on 28 Nov 2021

Lamen Nikkou in Shiga is the prefecture’s top shop. Constant limited bowls and a solid craft beer menu make this one particularly appealing. Too bad it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere.

#lamennikkou #ラーメンニッコウ #shigaprefecture

on 16 Sep 2021

鶏白湯 塩 / Tori Paitan Shio / La-men Nikkou - Hikone, Shiga

Creamy soup is made using chicken carcasses from Shiga, simmered for long hours. Noodles are by Teigaku, based in Kyoto. Run by master Kouji Nishikawa-san, who goes by the nickname "Nikkou." For Nishikawa-san, ramen is 'fast food' (cheap and quick), yet also 'slow food' (influenced by premium ingredients and food culture). He says ramen should also be a kind of 'junk food,' delivering high energy and satisfying every time. These thoughts... More


1366-2 Uochō, Hikone, Shiga 522-0045, Japan


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+81 749-28-2035