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Loyalist Chicago

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on 18 Jul 2018

Seasonal, New American menu features the 2017 Bon Appetit America’s Best Burger. Come for the burger, but don’t be selfish. Share it and be sure to order a variety of dishes.

The foie gras eclair is outstanding. The pâte à choux dough has a wonderful texture and holds just the right amount of a delectable foie gras filling. The corn kernels add a lingering, sweet finish to each bite. Next time, I will get my own.

Chef/Owner John Shields
2018 OAD top 100+ N American Gourmet Casual, No 3
BLOG https://loustejskal.com/2018/07/18/the-loyalist-2/

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177 N Ada St #001, Chicago, IL 60607, USA


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+1 773-913-3774