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on 02 Jan 2019

Chef Arno Janse van Rensburg moved from the wine estate Maison to CT and now serves his food in a super-chic urban eatery.
I like the focus in his dishes and the pairings with acidity providing addition to the main ingredient. His hamachi with white carrots which were cut vertically to give you the optical impression of scales was fantastic.
When I saw suckling pig on the menu I had to go for wat just to be really sceptical when hearing that it was cooked 7 hours sous vide. However, despite of this it had a really good texture and excellent flavour. The long cut cucumber were a perfect addition to the pig.
The staffs was (as always) in South Africa (based on my really limited experience) friendly and competent.
The prices here in SA continue to surprise me. This all came for less than €40.

A pleasure to eat here.

Recommended in Cape Town


75 Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa


Open hours


+27 21 422 0384