Ramen at Yamaguchi  (らぁ麺やまぐち)

Ramen at Yamaguchi (らぁ麺やまぐち)

at Ramen Yamaguchi (らぁ麺やまぐち) on 20 September 2018
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Recommended bowl: Tori-soba master

Yamaguchi was opened in 2013 by Yamaguchi-san, a well respected veteran of the Tokyo ramen scene. The bowls of shoyu torisoba he whips up here are among the very best in Tokyo. The soup is a golden brown, layered with chicken fat, and is made using chickens from Yamaguchi-san's hometown of Aizu, Fukushima. The soft and succulent tori-chashu is supreme level, and the bowl also comes topped with wontons filled with chicken thigh meat. Noodles are supplied by Teigaku, based in Kyoto. Premium ingredients and masterfully executed.

9 / 10