Ramen at Maruchō  (丸長 目白店)

Ramen at Maruchō (丸長 目白店)

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Recommended bowl: Deep ramen roots

This legendary Tokyo shop carries a deep history and has connections dating back decades. Family owned and operated by the Aoki family, the shop was originally opened in the west Tokyo suburb of Ogikubo in 1947. The Ogikubo shop still exists serving the same original menu, and this branch was opened by another member of the Aoki family in 1954. The specialty is tsukesoba, also known as dipping ramen, served with no frills simple broth made from pork bones, katsuo and saba (mackerel). The noodles are housemade. Many customers choose to go for the extra pork chashu topping, which often sells out early. The yasai (vegetable) tsukesoba is also popular, served with extra been sprouts and cabbage. Only open for lunch, 11am-3pm.

8 / 10