Ramen at Michi (つけ麺道)

Ramen at Michi (つけ麺道)

at Michi (つけ麺道) on 4 November 2020
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Recommended bowl: Tsukemen mastery

Michi is known for its famous tonkotsu-gyokai tsukemen, considered by some to be amongst the best in Tokyo. The soup here is made from chicken, gyokai and pork bones, with noodles specially ordered via Kanezin. Master Nagahama-san started his apprenticeship at Kashiwa Taishōken in Chiba (since closed) when he was 21 years old. He ate tsukemen there for the first time in his life when he was working as staff. He later helped out and learned from Honda-san of the acclaimed Mendokoro Honda in Higashi-Jūjō. When Nagahama-san opened Tsukemen Michi, he was just 22 years old. Since 2009.

Important side note: On Monday and Tuesday, Michi suspends its usual tonkotsu-gyokai tsukemen and becomes 'Ramen Michi No Shio,' serving only shio ramen and shio tsukemen. The shio menu is undeniably solid, but the menu available on regular days is much more recommended.

9 / 10