Ramen at Kanade (らーめん奏)

Ramen at Kanade (らーめん奏)

at Ramen Kanade (らーめん奏) on 18 May 2019
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Recommended bowl: Clear & complex

This shop specializes in a clear yet complex double soup: one animal-based and one seafood-based. The animal soup contains whole chickens, chicken bones and chicken carcasses, as well as pork tendon meat. The gyokai (seafood) soup contains various sea ingredients, such Hidaka kombu, dried fish from Chiba and Tottori prefectures, scallops from Hokkaido, dried Sakura shrimp from Taiwan and dried shiitake mushrooms. After simmering for several hours, the soup is left heated for one final hour at a temperature of under 90 degrees C.

For the house recommended shio ramen, the tare contains dried sea bream (tai), dried aji, dried shellfish, dried shrimp, Mongolian rock salt and plum salt. For the shoyu ramen, a tare sauce containing six varieties of shoyu is used.

Noodles are housemade from 100% domestic Japanese wheat — aromatic and flavorful. Different noodles are used for the shio and shoyu ramen. The chashumen is especially popular, coming with both chicken and pork chashu, as well as radish sprouts that can be seen growing in crates located in the shop. Open since July 2015.

9 / 10