Private room lunch at Osteria Francescana

Private room lunch at Osteria Francescana

at Osteria Francescana on 2 May 2018
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A very special experience at Massimo Bottura's restaurant, with lots of great surprises and some nice classics! Tutto/Everything menu with some extras.

9 / 10

The private room behind the kitchen


Insalata di mare


Mediterranean Sole
Three classic Mediterranean fish preparations: al cartoccio, sotto sale and alla mugnaia, combine into one singular recipe, summoning the canvases of Italian modernist Alberto Burri.

Chowder in Adriatic
A pirate ship berthed on the Adriatic coast is prepared with sea snails, razor clams, blue lobster and truffle clam chowder inside a pie crust as a representation of travel and seasonality.

Autumn in New York

In the countryside: snails and aromatic herbs
A snapshot of the Emilian landscape enclosed in ravioli pasta.

risotto cooked in orange juice, topped with burnt dried orange

Sometimes mallard, sometimes partridge and even bollito. (this time it was pigeon and partridge)

Woodcock - as a chocolate tart

Cherries come in all shapes and sizes
An edible landscape celebrates ingredients from the Modenese countryside. Three PDO cherries: ciliegia, duroni and amarene, are blended into a deep red cherry sorbet. Crumble from a local chocolate and coffee delicacy called Torta Barozzi represents the rich agricultural soil while an almond infused ricotta from the foothills of the Appennines covers the dish like the thick Emilian fog.

OOps! I dropped the lemon tart

petit four