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John Mikkelsen


Faroese, New Nordic

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on 20 Jan 2021

It may not look like much but this bisque made with local shellfish was mind blowing. Reminiscent of the amazing bisque at @restaurantwillemhiele , which I still rate as the best I’ve ever had.
Then followed by a lovely cheese plate and some local rhubarb with cream to round off a really great meal
The next stop on this month long trip was to fly from Copenhagen to the Faroe Islands. Of course I was there for another visit to ⭐️⭐️ Koks but first I went to try the famous Faroese... More

on 14 Jul 2018

Ice cream, chocolate, strawberries
Áarstova, Faroe Islands (Aug 2017)
#visitfaroeislands #faroeislands #aarstova

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1 Gongin, Thorshavn 100, Faroe Islands


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