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Ceto by Mauro Colagreco Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

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on 06 Aug 2023

Nori seaweed marine Mille feuille

on 06 Aug 2023

Sea bass, ragout of chanterelles with shellfish, Almond juice

on 06 Aug 2023

Sword fish, Green chickpeas, Seaweed sabayon, Citrud

on 06 Aug 2023

Ganbas semi-cooked, Cherries, Head’s bisque with cilantro hints

on 06 Aug 2023

Shrimp, Lime taco

on 06 Aug 2023

Red tuna matured with kombu seaweed, XO sauce

on 05 Aug 2023

Salanova lettuce salad

on 19 Nov 2022

Another highlight dish @restaurantceto by @maurocolagreco and executive chef @andreamoscardino “cappelletti in porcini stew” and “Catch of the day (amberjack belly), roasted porcini mushroom, black garlic, arugula condiment, sorrel sauce and lemon jelly”

on 14 Nov 2022

“Catch of the day (seabream), genmaicha, carrot texture and micro seaweeds sabayon”. A great dish. Bravo. @restaurantceto by @maurocolagreco and executive chef @andreamoscardino

on 13 Nov 2022

“Nori seaweed Marine Millefeuille, Bourbon vanilla, toffee sauce” by pastry chef @july.canavate at the sea-focused exceptional @restaurantceto by @maurocolagreco and executive chef @andreamoscardino

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