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Eiji Taniguchi


Creative, Regional Cuisine

Foodle Reviews

on 18 Dec 2023

The food at @levo.toyama - a 2* destination restaurant in Toyama - is a reflection of the nature in the region with seasonal ingredients from both the sea and land. The highlights of the meal were definitely the game meat - in particular, the black bear and wild boar which were both delicate and exquisite in taste. The signature L’evo chicken thigh was also a favorite while the somen noodles with goat cheese was surprisingly complex and delicious.

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10 / 10
on 12 Jun 2023

Taniguchi-san's culinary prowess has reached new heights in the picturesque Toyama mountains, leaving me in awe with each visit. The sheer dedication and innovation showcased in his dishes are nothing short of extraordinary. Among the unforgettable culinary experiences, the tile fish stole the show, offering a symphony of flavors that transported me to gastronomic bliss. And let me not forget to mention the goat cheese somen, a beloved classic that brims with an explosion of umami, leaving me craving... More

on 05 Nov 2021

3年前、春日市にあったこのお店の前の場所を訪れました。 旅行はとても楽しかったし、そこで食事を楽しんだ。
この店舗の新しい場所は、金沢市から車で約1.5時間、南砺市の山中にあります。 メニューが改善され、ワインリストが増え、とても美しい空間になったことで、この場所はさらに良くなったと感じています。... More

on 31 Aug 2021

L’evo 1st visit — located deep in the mountains of Toyama prefecture, not easy to get to but absolutely worth the trip. Both the cottage and it’s interior has got this Nordic flair. Dishes are quite complex, main ingredients sometimes hidden or destructed. Favorite dish was the goat cheese somen, an unusual combination which worked out perfectly. •

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10 / 10
on 26 Apr 2021

New location in the middle of the mountains south of Toyama. A true destination restaurant, it is a hike but worth the journey!

Chef Eiji Taniguchi used to cook in a hyper modern resort south of Toyama. It was easily reachable by taxi, even by bus. However, he decided to loose 15kg of body weight and move deep into the mountains south of Toyama, into the Nanto region. There he rejuvenated an old village which was left 50 years ago when the last inhabitant moved away. He built a main building housing... More

8 / 10
on 24 Nov 2019

Last hurrah for Chef EIJI TANIGUCHI at L’Evo. Apparently he is leaving the River Retreat Garaku to set up his own shop somewhere deeper in the mountains. I am looking forward to his opening in the fall of 2020 as I always loved coming here for lunch.
The dining room is set next to the river with beautiful views and his food was always wonderful. Inspiring, modern but with a deep reference to traditional local cuisine, sourced from the surroundings and executed to perfection.
The good news is... More

on 13 May 2019

Yamada blue neck duck with mushrooms | Futyu strawberry | Kureha Pear
L'evo (レヴォ), Toyama (Dec 2017)
#レヴォ #visitjapan #levo

8 / 10
on 29 Nov 2018

Second meal of this year at L'Evo. Sophisticated, innovative and very well executed. The wild board was the stand out dish with its texture and smokey flavour something to remember for a long time.

8 / 10
on 05 Aug 2018

Out of this world resort with a fine-dining restaurant. Modern Kaiseki with super local ingredients. Some very clever dishes like the leg of the chicken (from a farm just across the river). Very tender, with great dark meat and a small rice ball inserted underneath the skin to fulfil the requirement of a rice dish.

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Japan, 〒939-2518 Toyama, Nanto, Togamura Taikanba, 田島100番地


+81 763-68-2115