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Diego Rossi


Italian, Seasonal Cuisine

Foodle Reviews

on 16 Jun 2022

Always a great great pleasure to enjoy the variuos offal dishes at Diego Rossi’s legendary Trippa in Milan, Italy!
And recently he also started to focus on plant-based dishes, a very interesting and not less delicious trip!
Beginning with the signature fried tripes and vitello tonnato, finishing off the savoury courses with the grilled bone marrow!
Some offals of this visit:
Cow, veal, sheep and cod tripes
Veal tongue
Lamb brain


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on 04 Jul 2021

Some highlights of my fantastic meal at Trippa, Milano. Diego Rossi is a crazy chef, his signature dishes (eg vitello tonnato and deep fried tripes, grilled bone marrow) are always a great pleasure to eat, but also his spontaneous and seasonal creatures are amazing: a salad of melon - cucumber - green bean - lake “anchovies”; a flank steak with grilled peppers, a lampredotto all’amatriciana, veal kidneys with cherries, horse tartare, baby zucchini, mandilli (handkerchief) pasta with pesto…... More

on 16 Nov 2020

Lamb pluck (heart, lung, liver, kidney) wrapped in intestines
Peach tart
Dinner last month at @trippamilano Trattoria Trippa in Milan where exuberant chef @diegorossichef and team cook a menu that embraces offal and some often overlooked animal parts. He very generously prepared several smaller plates for me in order to try as much as possible. I left the choices safely in his hands and happily looked on at the counter where just two seats overlook the open kitchen. Friendly... More

on 18 Jan 2020

There would be absolute no complaint about this meal even with food alone because it exceeded all my expectation. But here came the best part, Chef Diego! One of the most charming, talented and skilled chefs I ever met. The last two attributes, I can find plenty. To be genuinely charming, that is not easy. His personality is completely reflected in his way of cooking: bright, full of sunshine and energy, spontaneous, unpretentious, no boundaries. He engages his customers, the food and him go together... More

on 30 Dec 2019

Dinner at Trippa in Milan was hands down one of the best trattorias we’ve ever had the pleasure of eating (even the Michelin Guide called it one of the best trattorias in Italy). Chef Diego Rossi is a genius. The menu is short and simple with a few choices for appetizer, first course and main. All the dishes were perfectly executed with high quality ingredients. It felt like we were eating home-cooked, seasonal food. When in Milan, we highly recommend a visit to Trippa for a perfect casual dinner.
Trippa,... More

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Via Giorgio Vasari, 1, 20135 Milano MI, Italy


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