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on 21 Apr 2024

Black tea, bergamot & sesame

on 19 Apr 2024

Shrimp carpaccio and ashes

7 / 10
on 22 Jan 2019

Sud 777 is a hike from the center of Mexico. But it is worth it. The menu is vegetable dominated from the Chef's garden just behind the restaurant.

Two outstanding dishes, the avocado with escamoles and the onion with mussel gel. The onion was soaked in milk for 24 hours in order to take out any acidity and bite. We were left with an onion which was more a sweet fruit than an onion. Delicious.

on 21 Apr 2017

Mexican "tres leches"
Sud 777, Mexico City (Nov 2016)

Recommended in Mexico City


Blvrd de la Luz 777, Jardines del Pedregal, 01900 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico


Open hours


+52 55 5568 4777