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Clement Leroy


Modern French

Foodle Reviews

on 02 Sep 2019

A perfect end to a fabulous meal at The Square
My next stop was a visit to @thesquaremayfair where chef @clementleroy has an evolutionary approach to modern haute cuisine. Getting stronger and stronger every time I visit this is now a must visit London restaurant in my view
Michelin Guide - ⭐️
OAD - 157
W50Best -

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7 / 10
on 29 Jun 2019

Lunch a few weeks ago at ⭐️ The Square in London where chef Clement Leroy is clearly hitting his stride. Since Clement took over the reins from Yu Sugimoto prior to the restaurant’s reopening after refurbishment in 2017 I have only been once and that was to a meal in the private diningroom for 12 people with a full restaurant next door. Although it was a great meal, I don’t think it was a true representation of what Clement is doing at The Square, so to go for lunch by myself and experience... More

6 / 10
on 03 Nov 2018

Chef Clément Leroy worked with Guy Savoy in his three star restaurant in Paris and heads now the legendary The Square in London.
He has a modern style and creates complex dishes with multiple layers of flavours.
However, this time the ingredients and the technique contained some flaws. The foie gras was too soft in texture and did not break properly. The sweetbread was too crispy on the outside while too soft on the inside.
Nevertheless I surely think that once Chef Leroy has found or created... More

9 / 10
on 12 Sep 2012

Food wise even better than last time. At a slight advantage I had to try Phil Howard’s Great British Menu victory starter of mackerel which was the best soup, tartare and smoked versions of mackerel I have ever had in my life – worth the reassuringly obscene price of the tasting menu just to have that dish. The entire meal was again superb and there wasn’t a thing I didn’t like on the whole menu. Shame he had to leave so soon in the evening without being able to say hello to the diners,... More

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6-10 Bruton St, Mayfair, London W1J 6PU, UK


Permanently Closed


+44 20 7495 7100