Meal at The Square

Meal at The Square

at The Square on 12 September 2012
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Food wise even better than last time.  At a slight advantage I had to try Phil Howard’s Great British Menu victory starter of mackerel which was the best soup, tartare and smoked versions of mackerel I have ever had in my life – worth the reassuringly obscene price of the tasting menu just to have that dish.  The entire meal was again superb and there wasn’t a thing I didn’t like on the whole menu.  Shame he had to leave so soon in the evening without being able to say hello to the diners, but a milestone meal.

Food Rating: 93%

9 / 10

Canapé Cone

Squid Ink Crisps

Amuse Bouche

Smoked Coches

Smoked Mackerel & Caviar Biscuits

Mackerel Tartare, Veloute & Fillet (GBM ’12 Winning Dish)



Doughnuts Pre-Dessert

Strawberry Dessert

Caramel Dessert

Amuse Bouche(s)



Pan-Fried Fois Gras


Cold Foie Gras


Cheese course

Cheese Cake

Grand Marnier Souffle

Petits Fours