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on 14 Feb 2021

Pear and verbena
poire Williams sorbet
Core apple
Petit fours

Lunch before Christmas at ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (then ⭐️⭐️) Core. This was my second visit since dining there in 2017 not long after they first opened. We went for the classics menu so I instantly recognised dishes such as the lamb carrot, the potato and the Core ‘apple’. All very tasty and excellent service. They have since been garnered with a third Michelin star, which (IMO) is a bit of a push for a restaurant that is... More

9 / 10
on 11 Oct 2018

Core opened in 2018 and is a rare entry into the 2019 Michelin guide as it went straight in at 2 stars and at the first available time it could appear. It is a beautifully designed restaurant, slick, with good acoustics and enough space for each table and more crucially, with very pleasant food. A brief idea on price, the cheapest menu (a la carte) was £85 for three courses, so this is not a cheap outing. It was not the strongest 2 Michelin star restaurant I have come across in the UK for... More

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