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Innovative Cuisine, Modern European


Julian Stieger

Foodle Reviews

on 21 Mar 2023

(March 22)
In an ideal world I would have the superpower to relocate chefs & restaurants at my will. So César Ramirez would suddenly find himself cooking at a counter in my Mum’s second bedroom in Solihull, my favourite struggling misunderstood chefs would be gently relocated to more ‘money no object’ locales, not you understand completely removing them from their terroir, but say Dina would now be on the shores of lake Garda rather than buried in an urban backwater.
It seems that someone... More

9 / 10
on 14 Mar 2022

Delicate workmanship, professional and beautiful in every movement of all the staff at every moment. The little hand food appetizers, everything was wonderful. The perfect balance of acidity, sweetness, crunchiness, the excellence of each little ingredient and the harmony of the whole.

There are so many things worth mentioning that I am not sure which dish to write about.
The marriage of sea urchin and pumpkin, the
The marriage of Ootoro and buckwheat in perfect condition, always present with... More

10 / 10
on 13 Mar 2022

Max Natmessing, being groomed overseas for many years, has established himself as one of the best cooks in Austria. His former concept of Alpine-ingredients-only got killed by the pandemic where he now uses products from all over. This enables him to display the mastery of his cooking which he learned in places like Chef’s Table in New York. In short, the bread is out, the langoustine is in.
All of this gets presented in a casual atmosphere, small bites and Canapés on the ground floor of the... More

10 / 10
on 16 Jul 2021


10 / 10
on 05 Mar 2020

Simply the best restaurant in Austria.

10 / 10
on 09 Aug 2019

Sensational dinner in a unique place in the Austrian Alps serving food of highest caliber at level close to the best three stars in Switzerland

10 / 10
on 08 Aug 2019

Brooklyn Fare meets the Austrian Alps!

Max Natmessnig cooked for 4 1/2 years for César Ramirez in one of the best restaurants in the Western Hemishpere, Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare. There he learned to focus, the techniques of the Grand Master and the respect for great ingredients.

When he moved into the Austrian Alps, he intelligently translated these learning into his new environment. The result is simply the BEST RESTAURANT in Austria.

It all starts with his ingredients, sourced mostly... More

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Zug 5, 6764 Lech, Austria


+43 5583 34350